2009 Theme Day Website Coordinators 

The Coordinators for Theme Days, Geography Awareness Week 2009, have been identified. Their willingness to take on this assignment on behalf of their CAG colleagues, and all Canadians, is appreciated.


To view the Theme Day Websites or to contact a Coordinator use the links below:


Weather and Climate Day, Nov. 16, Sam Herold: samherold@rogers.com

Water Day, Nov. 17, Anna Jasiak: Anna.Jasiak@NRCan-RNCan.gc.ca

Energy Day, Nov. 18, Shannon Christie: shannon.christie@usask.ca

Transportation Day, Nov. 19, Barry Wellar: wellarb@uottawa.ca

Food and Health Day, Nov. 20, Nairne Cameron: nairne.cameron@algomau.ca


Anyone wishing to assist in the website selections, or to recommend websites for consideration, is invited to contact the Coordinator responsible for the theme topic of interest.


The Applied Geography Showcase contains information about reports on client-driven geographic research projects, and the GeoSkills Showcase contains information about reports on geographic skills which are used in teaching, research, recreation and entertainment, as well as in the workplaces of governments, businesses, and other organizations. Please click on the Showcase links to view the materials.

Applied Geography Showcase 2009
Guide to Applied Resources
GeoSkills Showcase 2009
Guide to GeoSkills Resources

                     Press Releases and News Reports

Canadian Geography Rules Using the I-Way 

Geography Awareness Week as an Agent for Change in Canadian Geography
Published in the CAG Newsletter Volume 16, Number 3, page 8

Geography Awareness Week as a Public Domain Point of Entry for Geography
Published in the AAG Newsletter Volume 44, Number 8 Op-Ed – page 11 

Topics of National Interest Focus of Geography Awareness Week 2009 in Canada
Applied Geography Showcase Invites International Perspectives

Dr. Barry Wellar, Program Director

Geography Awareness Week 

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