Starkey-Robinson Award Recipients




2015 - Matt Dyce, University of British Columbia
          A Spatial History of Canada: Archives, Knowledge and Geography







2014 - J P Catungal, University of Toronto
          For us, by us”: political geographies of race, sexuality and health in the work of ethno-specific AIDS service organizations in global-multicultural Toronto






 2013 - two recipients
     - Nathaniel Lewis (above) Queen’s University
            Moving ‘Out’, Moving On: Gay Men’s Migrations through The Life Course
     - Jared Peters, Simon Fraser University
           Late Pleistocene evolution of glacial Lake Purcell: A potential floodwater source to the Channeled Scabland






2012 - Julia Christenson, McGill University
Homelessness In A Homeland: Housing (In) Security and Homelessness in Inuvik And Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada




2011 - Rosalind Franklin, Concordia University
           Places of Everyday Generosity: the philanthropy of Newfoundlanders in Fort McMurray






2010 - Andrey N. Petrov - University of Toronto
         Marginal Regions in Discursive Space: An Examination of Socio-Economic Conditions, Development Paths and Spatial Differentiation in the Economic Systems of the Canadian And Russian North




2009 - Emma Stewart - University of Calgary
           Comparing resident attitudes towards tourism: Community-based cases from Arctic Canada




2008 - Jesse Proudfoot -Simon Fraser University 
           At Street Level: Bureaucrats and the Spaces of Regulation





2007 - Shannon Studen Bower - University of British Columbia
           Wet Prairie ; An Environmental History of Wetlands, Flooding and Drainage in Agricultural Manitoba, 1810-1950

2006 - Mary Subedar - University of British Columbia 
           When States Design: Making space on native reserves

2005-two recipients
        - Timothy F. Johnsen - Simon Fraser University
         "Late Glacial Lakes of the Thompson Basin, Southern Interior of British Columbia: Paleogeography and Paleoenvironment
        - Carolyn Whitzman - McMaster University 
          The Dreams Attached to Places: from suburb, to slum, to urban village in a Toronto neighbourhood, 1875 to 2002

2004 - NO AWARD

2003 - Sarah de Leeuw, University of Northern British Columbia 
           Along Highway 16: A Creative Meditation on the Geography of Northern British Columbia

2002 - Michael Buzzelli, McMaster University
          The Canadian Urban Housebuilding Industry: Firm: Size Structure and Production Methods in Ontario, 1945- 2000

2001 - Lilian Ford, University of British Columbia 
          Coyote Goes Downriver: An Historical Geography of Coyote Migration into the Fraser Valley

2000 - Phil Morris, University of Northern British Columbia
           Negotiating the Production of Space in TI'azt'en Territory, 1969-1984

1997-99 NO AWARD
             (Following a revision by the Executive of the terms of reference for the Starkey-Robinson Award, the CAG relaunched this award in 2000.)

1996 - Tony Isaak, University of Saskatchewan
           Aboriginal Land Claims and Cultural Preservation: A Cultural Geography of the Mackenzie Delta Inuvialuit

1995 - Charlotte McCallum, Carleton University 
           The Effect of Québec"s Agricultural Preservation Law on Agriculture and Rural Land Use near Sherbrooke, Québec

1994 - Ineke Dijks, Queen's University
           The Canadian National Railway and Colonization and Settlement of the Peace River Area of Alberta

1993 - Siri Bartelsen, University of British Columbia
           The Transformation of Regional Shopping Centres in Vancouver

1992 - Susan McFarlane, Queen's University 
           The Ontario-Manitoba Boundary Question and Regional Identity

1991 - Andrew Haden, University of Alberta
           Farmers' Attitudes and Agricultural Land Expansion in the Peace River Area

1990 - Irena Onrijchuk, Simon Fraser University
           Regionalism in the Face of Universality in West Coast Architecture