ACG 2021 : 71e Assemblée annuelle et congrès

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VIRTUELLE  Accueillie par UNBC Geography  du 7 au 11 juin 2021

Field trip leaders Greg Halseth & Laura Ryser will take you through a virtual field trip across time and space as they explore the complex issues that have shaped the development of Downtown Prince George. First, they will begin with the long history of the Lheidli T’enneh settlement in this area and the early settlement conflicts between the Lheidli T’enneh and the European settlers that are now being confronted through reconciliation processes in the city today. Second, they will examine how the arrival of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway transformed the settlement of competing townsites that would eventually shape Prince George’s downtown. Third, the post-1960s forest industry boom & city struggle to contain the rapid growth associated with suburban sprawl which lead to the deterioration of the downtown core. And, fourth, the


Founded in the early 80’s as a northern BC mining community, Tumbler Ridge has developed into a world class destination for eco-tourism. Featuring a full season’s worth of hiking trails and many other recreational options Tumbler Ridge offers a unique experience.

Dr. Charles Helm will guide us through the world-class dinosaur trackways and fossils which have led to BC’s only vertebrate research centre being established within the geopark.  Dr. Helm will share the story of community-wide efforts to secure a UNESCO Global Geopark designation in the District of Tumbler Ridge, set against stunning images of the region and its amazing reserve of fossil remains and dinosaur footprints.


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Toutes les excursions sont virtuelles et GRATUITES pour tous les participants inscrits ! 

Elles seront enregistrées et accessibles tout au long de la semaine du congrès.

Virtual Field Trip 1: Crossroads of Northern BC: Downtown Prince George

Field Trip Leaders: Dr. Greg Halseth & Laura Ryser (UNBC)


last part of today’s tour, Greg & Laura will share how different stakeholders are tackling issues of sustainability in downtown Prince George. These pursuits are not just focused on addressing issues related climate change, but are also focused on addressing the social and housing pressures of our most vulnerable population, rebuilding relationships with the Lheidli T’enneh, and strengthening the economic and cultural viability of the downtown core.

Virtual Field Trip 2: UNBC & Forest Trails

Field Trip Leaders: Drs. Roger Wheate, Sinead Earley, Joseph Shea & Neil Hanlon (UNBC)

Join Roger Wheate, Joseph Shea, Sinead Early &

CAG President Neil Hanlon for a walk from our

Prince George campus through our forest trails.

Virtual Field Trip 3: UNBC's Quesnel River Research Centre (QRRC)

Field Trip Leaders: UNBC's Drs. Phil Owens & Ellen Petticrew

Join Phil Owens & Ellen Petticrew as they take us 3 hours south of UNBC's Prince George campus to the university's Quesnel River Research Centre (QRRC) which serves a base for studying the fascinating watershed in which it's set – in the foothills of the Cariboo Mountains, among the western fringes of the globally-unique Interior Temperate Rainforest, on the banks of one of British Columbia's premier salmon rivers, and at the outlet of what is thought to be the world's deepest fjord-lake.

Virtual Field Trip 4: Tumbler Ridge, BC - A UNESCO Global GeoPark site - What makes it unique?

Field Trip Leaders: Dr. Charles Helm, Dr. Andrew Lawfield, Kevin Sharman & Cameron Drever


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