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Freelanceservice - network courses for preparing for the exam with an original concept - classes take place in pairs, when there is one teacher for two students. The courses offer the possibility of classes in large groups, but the emphasis here is on the format of learning in pairs. This option may appeal to those who are still in doubt, choose courses or a tutor. The combines the affordable price of courses (of course, training in pairs will cost more than group training, but still much cheaper than individual lessons with a tutor) and a personal approach of the teacher to the student , the opportunity to analyze more carefully problematic issues and topics. Groups of two people are selected according to the level of knowledge, which also contributes to the maximum result. The preparation program for the exam in computer science on the website is described in sufficient detail,

  • Encoding and operations on numbers in different number systems

  • Construction of truth tables of logical expressions

  • Analysis of information models

  • Database. File system

  • Coding and decoding information. Transfer of information

  • Analysis and construction of algorithms for performers

  • Analysis of charts and spreadsheets

  • Searching for words and number systems

  • Recursive Algorithms

  • Organization of computer networks. Addressing

  • Calculating the amount of information

  • Execution of algorithms for the Robot executor

  • Finding Paths in a Graph

  • Number encoding. Number systems

  • Queries for search engines using boolean expressions

  • Converting boolean expressions

  • Handling arrays and matrices

  • Program analysis with loops and conditional statements

  • Analysis of programs with cycles and subroutines

  • Assignment and branch operator. Enumeration of options, building a tree

  • Logic Equations

  • Correction of errors in the program

  • Array Processing Algorithms

  • Winning strategy

  • Programming

  • Encoding and operations on numbers in different number systems

  • Color coding

  • Assignment and branch operator

  • Character strings and their processing

According to statistics, after preparing for the examination in these courses, students improve their results by an average of 42%, and according to the last academic year, 92% of students entered the budget.

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