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The addition of each SG in the menu bar on the left could be on the main Study Group page (with clickable links to the respective SG webpage), not on the individual study group pages. Instead, on individual SG pages where it says "About the CAG" it could instead say "Back to Study Groups" with a link back to the main page. The menu bar on the left could then be customized, with categories selected by each study group (e.g. about, exec, newsletters, student awards, events, calls for papers, etc.)

Ideally, instead of having many pages per study group (for each of the categories listed above, for example) it would be a long scroll and the menu bar would have anchors that bring the reader down to the appropriate section. 

Permission would be given to each SG chair or rep to access the SG page. It would ideally be bilingual (i.e. duplicate page in French with same contents). 

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  • Canadian Women & Geography (CWAG

  • Environment & Resources

  • Tourism & Recreation

  • Economic Geography

  • Marine Studies & Coastal

  • Health & Health Care

  • Indigenous Peoples Working Group (IPWG)

  • Rural Geography

  • Canadian Geomorphology Research Group (CGRG)

  • Geographic Information Science (GIS-SIG)

  • Geographies of Asia

  • Geographic Education

  • Diversity, Migration, Ethnicity & Race

  • Historical Geography

  • Urban Geography

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