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CG's Editorial Board (2024-2027)

Canadian Geographies


Shauna Brail (University of Toronto)

Chris Bone (University of Victoria)

Dongmei Chen (Queens University)

Jonathan Cinnamon (University of British Columbia)

Stephanie Coen (University of Nottingham)

Tara Cookson (University of British Columbia)

May Farrales (Simon Fraser University)

Victoria Fast (University of Calgary)

Laurie Guimond (Université du Québec à Montréal)

Greg Halseth (University of Northern British Columbia)

Peter Johnson (University of Waterloo)

Rebecca Lave (Indiana University Bloomington)

Josh Lepawsky (Memorial University of Newfoundland)

Grant McKenzie (McGill University)

Zoë Meletis (University of Northern British Columbia)

Sharlene Mollett (University of Toronto)

Beverley Mullings (University of Toronto)

Yolande Pottie-Sherman (Memorial University of Newfoundland)

Feng Qiu (University of Alberta)

Jonathan Reades (University College London)

Chantelle Richmond (Western University)

Sébastien Rioux (Université de Montréal)

Stéphane Roche (Université Laval)

J. Anthony Stallins (University of Kentucky)

Maria Strack (University of Waterloo)

Jon Tunnicliffe (University of Auckland)

Alan Walks (University of Toronto)

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