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Annual Meeting

A national meeting is held in a different location each year, usually at the end of May and beginning of June, often in conjunction with the Learned Societies. At these meetings, research is presented, ideas are exchanged and CAG business is done. Field trips are also an important part of the program.​

Please see our CAG Statement on Collegial Conduct and Respectful Exchange

2024 Annual General Meeting & Conference

Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Department of Geography is thrilled to be hosting the 74th annual CAG meeting in St. John’s, NL from August 14 to August 18, 2024. Stay Tuned for more details.

Student Travel Grant 

Each year the CAG provides grants to assist current CAG Student members who are presenting papers/posters to attend the AGM. To be eligible, students must have been members the year prior to the meeting, as well as the year of the meeting.

Previous Hosts of CAG Annual General Meetings

2024 Memorial University - CAG 2024 AGM Reports

2023 Université du Québec à Montreal - CAG 2023 AGM Reports

2022 Toronto Metropolitan University (Virtual) - CAG 2022 AGM Reports

2021 University of Northern British Columbia (Virtual) - CAG 2021 AGM Reports

2020 In-person meeting cancelled - CAG 2020 AGM Reports

2019 University of Winnipeg - ProgramCAG 2019 AGM Reports

2018 Université Laval (IGU-CAG-NCGE) - CAG 2018 AGM Reports

2017 York University - (photos) - Program - CAG 2017 AGM Reports

2016 St. Marys University and Dalhousie University 

2015 Simon Fraser University - Abstracts
2014 Brock University (FHSS) - Program
2013 Memorial University (photos) - Program
2012 University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University (FHSS) - Program
2011 University of Calgary - Program
2010 University of Regina - Abstracts
2009 Carleton University (FHSS) (photos) - Program
2008 Université Laval (photos) - Program
2007 University of Saskatchewan (FHSS) (photos) - Program
2006 Lakehead University
2005 University of Western Ontario (FHSS) 
2004 Université de Moncton and Mount Allison University 
2003 University of Victoria 
2002 University of Toronto, Ryerson University and York University (FHSS) 
2001 McGill University, Concordia University, et Université de Montréal
2000 Brock University 
1999 University of Lethbridge 
1998 University of Ottawa (FHSS) 
1997 Memorial University 
1996 University of Saskatchewan 
1995 Université de Québec à Montréal 
1994 Wilfrid Laurier University 
1993 Carleton University 
1992 University of British Columbia 
1991 Queen's University 
1990 University of Alberta 
1989 Université de Québec à Chicoutimi 
1988 St. Mary's University 
1987 McMaster University 
1986 University of Calgary 
1985 Université de Québec à Trois-Rivières 
1984 Malaspina College 
1983 University of Winnipeg 
1982 University of Ottawa 
1981 Grenfell College 
1980 Université de Québec à Montréal 
1979 University of Victoria 
1978 University of Western Ontario 
1977 University of Regina 
1976 Université Laval 
1975 Simon Fraser University 
1974 University of Toronto 
1973 Lakehead University 
1972 Université de Montréal (IGC) 
1971 University of Waterloo 
1970 University of Manitoba 
1969 Memorial University 
1968 University of Calgary 
1967 Carleton University 
1966 University of Sherbrooke 
1965 University of British Columbia 
1964 University of Western Ontario 
1963 Université Laval 
1962 McMaster University 
1961 McGill University 
1960 Queen's University 
1959 University of Saskatchewan 
1958 University of Alberta 
1957 University of Ottawa 
1956 Université de Montréal 
1955 University of Toronto 
1954 University of Manitoba 
1953 University of Western Ontario 
1952 Université Laval 
1951 McGill University

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