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CAG 2023: 73rd Annual Meeting & Conference
Anthropocene: Challenges for Geography and Geographers
Hosted by Université du Québec à Montréal – May 8 to May 12, 2023


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The Department of Geography of the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) is proud to host the 73rd Annual Meeting of the Canadian Association of Geographers (CAG). This new edition which will take place from May 8 to May 12, 2023, will mark the return to the face-to-face format of this great gathering of geographers.


The Early Bird registration period has now closed. 

But you can still register for CAG 2023 is now HERE!

Call for Proposals

The call for proposals for the 2023 CAG Conference are now CLOSED.

We are inviting a discussion on the ways in which the integration of the Anthropocene within the scientific debates of geography would allow us to go beyond the usual dichotomies that are currently present in the discipline (human vs. physical, qualitative vs. quantitative) since the new Era is characterized by the irreversible merging of human history and natural history. This theme also provides an innovative analytical framework to address many contemporary problems rooted in the constantly changing human/nature relationships that cause the emergence of new territorial trajectories. Such examples show how the Anthropocene challenges the discipline and its thinkers to redefine its conceptual framework, its practices and its applications.

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