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Welcome to the GIScience Study Group of the Canadian Association of Geographers. We are a subset of CAG members with interests touching various aspects of GIScience in Canada. We aim to foster a culture of collaboration, student training, and academic excellence and provide substantial support to our student members through travel grants and awards.


The GIS-SIG Study Group was formed around the interests in GIS, geomatics and related spatial technologies. Members are interested in the following:

  • Conducting GIScience and GIS applications research

  • Designing model curricula and educational tools with Canadian content

  • Advocating for spatial data that is free or at-the-cost-of-distribution

  • Designing innovative techniques for collecting and disseminating spatial data

  • Facilitating education in GIS, geomatics and related technologies

  • Fostering interdisciplinary collaboration between geographers and others interested in GIS

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