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Ressources for CAG Members

Members of the CAG have access to a variety of resources, including the following:

Student Resources on applying for grad school, applying for scholarships, writing grant proposals, writing a good thesis, tips for graduate students, teaching assistants & postdocs, and more. 

Career Resources on jobs in geography, leadership, preparing for interviews, early career faculty, networking, career planning, mental health, communication, and more. 

A compilation of Job Boards for jobs in geography, GIS/geomatics, environment & conservation, government, and more. 

Teaching Resources 

The CAG values the teaching of Geography at all levels, from K-12 to college and university. Some useful sites on the teaching of Geography from K-12 can be found here:

Royal Canadian Geographic Society

National Council for Geographic Education

Teaching Ideas - Geography

If you are a CAG member, you can log into the CAG Hub to access these resources. 

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Canadian Association of Geographers


PO Box 25039 

Welland, ON  L3B 5V0

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