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Applying for Grad School


Applying for Graduate School: What You Need to Know


Applying to Graduate School - Considerations (University of Toronto)


Applying to Graduate School

Applying for Scholarships

Applying for Scholarships

Tips on Applying for Scholarships (University of the Fraser Valley)

wikiHow to Apply for Scholarships

Scholarships Canada - Opportunities


Writing Grant Proposals

How to Write a Winning Grant Proposal in 11 Steps

Grant Writing Resources (University of Alberta)


About Tri-Council (CIHR, NSERC, and SSHRC) (University of Alberta)


Writing Successful Grant Proposals


wikiHow to Write a Grant Proposal


How do I write a grant proposal?


Grant Proposals (or Give me the money!)


Guidelines for Writing Grant Proposals

Grant Writing for Dummies Cheat Sheet


Writing a Good Thesis

What is the difference between thesis and topic?

How to write your thesis

wikiHow to Write a Master's Thesis

How to write a Thesis: A Working Guide

How to write a Thesis for Beginners

PhD: How to write a great research paper

Avoiding Plagiarism:  Writing with Integrity

Tips for Undergraduate & Graduate Students and Postdocs




5 study tips for post-secondary students


Networking Tips for College Students  (YouTube)


The challenges and benefits of working while pursuing PSE


Time Management Tips & Hacks for College/University Students | Brittany Daniel (YouTube)


Survival tips for international students: The multilingual challenge


Using Social Media


Be careful on social media: Back-to-class tips for Sask. post-secondary students


Social media posts can “wreck your life”: career counsellor to students


“Professionalization of social media” is making students miserable: Chronicle


Graduate Students


Your work is not your identity, writes IHE contributor to grad students


“Horror stories” of PhD supervisor-supervisee relationships


Preparing the PhD for the non-academic working world


5 TIPS For Graduate Students! (YouTube)


10 Advice and Tips For PhD Students (YouTube)


What advice would you give to a new PhD student? (YouTube)


Being a Teaching Assistant

Preparing for your TAship


Roles of a Teaching Assistant


TAing:  In the Classroom


5 Conversations every TA should have with their Course Instructor (Western)


Being a New Graduate Student Teaching Assistant (TA) (U of Saskatchewan) (YouTube)


How To Work As A Teaching Assistant (YouTube)


Rutgers Teaching Assistants Build Skills (YouTube)


Giving Effective Feedback (Western)




Seven Steps to a Successful Postdoctoral Experience


Tips for a successful postdoc application


Gain maximum value from your postdoc experience: Reyes


Eight Attributes of Highly Successful Postdocs


It begins with enthusiasm: the five stages of postdoctoral burnout


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