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General Geography Job Postings

American Association of Geographers Job Board

American Geophysical Union Job Board

Canadian Association of Geographers Job Board

Cyber-Sierra's Natural Resources Job Search 

Earthworks - Geography & Geomorphology Jobs

Royal Geographical Society with IBG Job Board list​

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)/Geomatics

Canadian Institute of Geomatics Job Board

Earthworks - Remote Sensing, Earth Observation & GIS

ESRI Canada Job Postings

Geomatics Canada Job Board

GeoSearch, Inc.

GIS Crossing - Jobs in Canada

GIS Jobs Clearinghouse

GoGeomatics Canada Job Board

URISA Ontario Job Board

Environment and Conservation

Canadian Environmental Network Job Board

Conservation Careers

Earthworks - Environmental Science/Change Jobs

ECO Job Board Ecotourism Jobs - Environmental Jobs

Urban, Economic, and International Development

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

Canadian Economic Development Network Job Postings

Canadian Housing and Renewal Association Job Postings

Canadian Institute of Planners Job Postings

International Development Jobs and Consulting opportunities

International Development Research Centre

Ontario Council for International Cooperation 

United Nations

United Nations Development Program

Government Sector in Canada​

Government of Canada



British Columbia


New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrador


Northwest Territories 

Nova Scotia



Prince Edward Island




General Job Boards


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